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Are you in a season in your life that is really knocking you down? Is your relationship at a low point? Are you a new parent and feeling tremendously overwhelmed, lost, sad or anxious? Are you having a difficult time coping with a loss, separation or a life change? Is your family going through a season full of challenges that you can't see a way out of? Your journey may seem impossible or even hopeless but know that there is hope for you today!

About Revive Counseling & Wellness Center!

I am honored to serve my community and provide affordable services in both English and Spanish. I offer daytime, evening and online counseling appointments! I'm very passionate about working with couples who feel lost in their relationship & who need help finding their why. I  thoroughly enjoy working with individuals who are experiencing life transitions and who desire guidance in setting and pursuing new goals!


- Norma Wilson, LCSW

Owner & Therapist

Where Hope Is Restored & Lives Are Transformed!


You and your significant other may be in a very low place in your relationship. Be encouraged knowing that there is hope for your relationship. Our therapist specializes in couples therapy & is well equipped to provide couples with the tools and support they need to help them overcome the challenges they face. Don't wait another day for things to get better - let today be the day!

There are some seasons in our lives that truly knock us down. Whether it would be our past, trauma, disappointments, insecurities, fears or overwhelming obligations one thing is for sure...everyone has been there and you are not alone! Allow our therapist to walk this journey with you as she provides you with the support and guidance to help you overcome this season of your life!

Immigration Evaluations

En nuestra agencia ofrecemos consejería en español para nuestra comunidad. Preparamos documentos y evaluaciones para nuestros clientes que están trabajando con un abogado para completar papeleo legal. Sería un honor trabajar con usted y su familia.

Client Review

"Her compassion and thoughtfulness, kind spirit, reliability and business integrity is what keeps me coming back to her practice."


430 Battleground Ave. 

Greensboro, NC 27401


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