What I'm About

Hello hello!

I wanted to introduce myself and share a little bit about me so you know what to expect from my blogs! 

I'm a Spanish speaking, Californian, beach loving therapist!! I am a Christian - a follower of Christ! I'm happily married with a beautiful family. I have been practicing counseling for 5 years. My office is located in Greensboro, NC where I provide counseling to individuals, families and couples! Over the course of my years in practice I have found that I ham very passionate about working specifically with couples and adults. Below is a little blurb on why.

Working with marital couples who are in a dark place. Who have lost interest in each other and don't even know if they love their spouse anymore. The ones who are hanging on in hopes of something magically changing. The ones that may even have kids...and their kids might even be the reason why they're still together. The couple that is angry, sad and lonely. I love working with this couple. I love it so much because I know that there is hope for this couple. I know that if they agree to be real, if they're seriously committed to this work, and if they're willing to put themselves aside then it's very possible that they will find their love again. 

I also love working with middle-aged men & women. I enjoy helping this age group reach personal and business goals. To help them process through some fears, anxieties, insecurities and anger. To address challenges that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. This group I love indeed.

Being bilingual in Spanish has definitely allowed me to reach so many families who otherwise would not have any resources. I thoroughly enjoy being an advocate and support to the Spanish speaking community. I am able to connect with minority parents as well as relate to first generational children and teens who are having a hard time communicating with their parents. It's an honor for me to offer all of my services in both languages!

I have a passion to see others succeed. I have a business and compassionate mindset. With both of those I feel like I can push my clients enough. Our sessions will entail real, deep conversations, laughter and some work. I will challenge you to go that extra mile with significant guidance and support. When you leave my sessions you WILL feel empowered, you WILL have joy and you WILL overcome your hurdle. 

What you'll get from my blogs will be me... Real- simple- truth. Nothing over the top, nothing too fancy just practical tools that you can take with you. 

Enjoy the ride & welcome.

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